Through Dave's proven system, his mission is to improve the skill and confidence level of
every professional and pro-bound basketball player in the world. His goal is to arm them with the proper knowledge and techniques necessary to accomplish this. Dave looks forward to helping you take your game to the next level!

Dave Guinane shooting form

Shooting -

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Shooting is a lost art, which very few people fully understand. Shooters are not developed and cultivated. They are typically found, recruited, or drafted. The real question is "why isn't everyone on any given team a good shooter?".


The fact of the matter is coaches have only so much time in a day, and it is spent on X's and O's. Putting together a team, a cohesive unit functioning as one, is their job. Coaches coach.


At the same token, Dave Guinane has been studying shooting for well over 40 years, with the same zeal and passion as a coach working on X's and O's. The results he gets, and the 40,000 plus lessons he has given are why he is commonly known as the "Shot Doctor".


Proper technique reinforced with muscle memory are the foundations to becoming a great shooter. There are 30-35 things that may go wrong throughout the course of a shot, which happens in less than a second. Each of these negatively impacts the chance of the shot being effective. By identifying and then correcting these flaws, one is well on his or her way to becoming a great shooter.


Theoretically, it would be almost impossible to miss if a shooter had everything right each and every time. Practice then develops muscle memory, which in turn leads to consistency.


Coach Dave can break down your shot, identify and correct the flaws, and then teach you how to help yourself correct them in the future. Don't waste your valuable practice time doing things incorrectly, thereby getting better at being bad!