Shooting guru finds Steph Curry, Klay Thompson flawed but beautiful shooters


Dave Guinane is like most teachers in that he can identify star pupils, those who are not only naturally gifted, but whose approach and method and execution are flawless when compared to peers.

He knows when he sees mastery of a subject.

He's the shot doctor.

"Michael Jordan was perfect," Guinane said. "His elbow was under the ball, he was able to elevate so high on the way to the peak and at the peak of release, he flicked it instead of pushing it, it came effortlessly off his finger. His form was classic. Kobe Bryant was very close in that way also. You can have 30 to 35 different things go wrong during a shot that takes one second, but those two were as close to textbook as you could get... Read more

Fixing Justin Bieber's Jump Shot: We Asked a Professional Shooting Coach
How He Would Do It

Complex Sports

On Thursday, Justin Bieber posted a video of him sinking 14 three-pointers inside of the Nets practice facility at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The Internet responded by going all Internet on him. Rather than praising Bieber for making 14 three-pointers, one publication referred to his jump shot as "crooked." Another compared it to the dreadful jump shot former NBA player Shawn Marion used to throw up. And one Complex staffer who knows a thing or two about bad basketball described the shot as "TRASH CAN EMOJI."

The online trolls went in on Bieber, too. Within just minutes of him posting the clip, Bieber's IG feed was inundated with critiques of his shooting form. People described it with words like "ugly," "terrible," and "weird af." In fact, Bieber caught so much heat that he later used his IG caption to respond to the people who were ripping his form.

"A big [expletive] you to all the basketball playing trolls online saying I have bad form," he wrote. "First of all, I'm not a basketball player. I'm a singer lol. Second of all, I'll work on my form."

We don't know if Bieber is actually going to follow through with that second part, but if he does, we wanted to find out what he should work on to improve his shot. So we reached out to professional basketball shooting coach Dave Guinane, a.k.a. "The Shot Doctor," for help. Guinane owns The Basketball Workshop in Michigan and has given more than 40,000 shooting lessons over the last 20-plus years to high school, college, and pro basketball players. Read more

Renowned Basketball Shooting Coach Says He Could Improve Andre Drummond's Game

By Mike Sullivan
CBS Detroit 97.1 The Ticket

...The idea of a "shooting coach" was a practice that Dave invented 20 years ago, and he feels like it has really changed the basketball industry. Guinane compares his job to other similar professions in golf and baseball.

"Without the perfect swing, you don't get the perfect shot. Every golfer has a swing coach. There are pitching coaches and hitting coaches in baseball. We feel like every basketball player should have a shooting coach."

Dave expressed his interest in helping Pistons big man Andre Drummond with his free throws. Drummond shot just 41.8% from the free throw line last season. Guinane said there is no reason Drummond should be shooting that bad from the free throw line.

Guinane said that if he were to work with Drummond, "It would be a simple matter of fixing his mechanics to get his free throw percentage up to the 75-80 percent range." Read more

Dave Guinane working out with pros at St. Cecilia's in Detroit

97.1 Radio Interview

Dave Guinane teaches Woody Woodriffe of Fox 2 News how to shoot